What is ASI – language understanding

What is ASI

  Thanks to decades of research, we are able to provide answers to nonstandard challenges of language understanding.

For any problem whose solution can be provided by reading and analyzing some text, we can parametrize our Assisted Semantic Intelligence (ASI) to perform the same task automatically.


ASI is tailored to be a general purpose Natural Language Understanding engine interleaving pure AI layers (mostly deep learning based) and human configuration layers.
Each layer represents a well consolidated aspect of human cognition:

  1. Syntactic Layer: it encodes our capability to understand a sentence (and judging, for instance, if it is correct or not), irrespective of grabbing its meaning.
  2. Semantic Layer: it encodes our capability to understand the meaning of a sentence.
  3. Application Layer: It encodes our capability to transform the meaning into actionable knowledge and react consequently.